With the rise in gas prices, there is no better time for a fuel-efficient car rental than now. Whether you have an upcoming trip or your own car is in the repair shop, Greenleaf Rent A Car has an affordable option for you. Our fleet is completely focused on low-emission, electric, and hybrid rentals. Here are some reasons to rent from Greenleaf and ways we can help you out when you are in need of a rental.

Fuel efficient car rental

We Reduce Our Impact

We opened our doors in 2010 and made a commitment to significantly impact our environment by helping customers save over 500,000 gallons in fuel consumption within our first five years. This effort also prevented 100 tons of pollution from entering the atmosphere. We are proud to be the first company in the United States to rent exclusively hybrid and low-emission vehicles to the public. Since gas prices are rising drastically, Greenleaf’s fuel-efficient car rentals will save you money on your next trip.

We Are Customer Focused

Greenleaf Rent A Car is committed to making your car rental experience enjoyable, fast, and friendly. After all, we are founded on the idea that the customer should always come first. We will give you an exceptional rental experience in one of our fuel-efficient, certified hybrid, and green car rentals. Whatever type of vehicle you need, let us get you on the road quickly in a car rental, SUV rental, van rental, or truck rental.

Request a Vehicle Reservation Today

Don’t let the high gas prices keep you from enjoying a trip with your family this spring and summer. Greenleaf Rent A Car can supply the most optimal vehicle rental to suit your needs, whether you need space for one person or seven people. Contact us at one of our convenient locations by calling (760) 547-2228 in Carlsbad, (760) 294-7052 in Escondido, or (951) 699-3054 in Temecula, or request a reservation online. We rent vehicles to customers in Murrieta, San Marcos, Oceanside, Encinitas, and nearby areas.

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