Greenleaf provides a free shuttle for pickup and delivery of any customer within a five mile radius of any of our locations during normal business hours.
As per our insurance regulations, Greenleaf requires that all renters be age 21 or older. Greenleaf does not charge any underage fees. A valid, government-issued driver’s license and proof of full coverage and liability insurance that transfers to Greenleaf’s vehicle are required. Sorry, but we can’t make any exceptions on this!
A valid government-issued drivers license will be required of all drivers at the time of rental. The license may not be expired, or broken. International customers will be required to provide a passport, international drivers license and are required to purchase our Personal Protection Package coverage. Greenleaf will NOT waive this charge.
Husband and Wife insured under the same full coverage insurance and liability policy that transfers to Greenleaf’s vehicle, are automatically able to drive the vehicle. You can add as many additional drivers to your rental agreement as you like. Due to increased exposure and liability, Greenleaf does require a charge of $5.00 per day per driver. We must have a photocopy or digital image of the valid driver’s license as well as the proof of full coverage insurance and liability policy that transfers to our vehicle for each respective driver. We apologize for any inconvenience. The State of California requires this information for all drivers of a rented vehicle.
All renters are required to provide proof of full coverage and liability insurance. Greenleaf requires that full coverage insurance including liability insurance (your own policy) will transfer to the vehicle being rented. Greenleaf does provide Collision Damage Waiver, Renters Liability Protection, and Supplemental Liability Protection coverage’s that you may elect to add at the time of booking. NOTICE: Credit cards DO NOT carry liability coverage and will NOT be accepted as insurance. Credit cards are secondary coverage and only cover damage to the rented vehicle. They do not offer coverage in the event of any liability claims.
Payment may be made by the following: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. To get started with the rental process, request a reservation now with our convenient online form.
Personal checks or handwritten checks are not accepted for any reason. School, government, or institution checks are accepted providing Greenleaf receives the check a minimum of 14 days prior to the pickup date. Greenleaf will STILL REQUIRE a credit card authorization to be placed on file – this is for incidentals only and WILL NOT be charged unless vehicle is returned with less fuel, damage, etc.
All rentals include 150 miles per day (24 hours) in the State of California. Customers may travel to Arizona and Nevada, but this must be disclosed to Greenleaf at the time of reservation. Excess mileage will be billed at $00.20 per mile. Unlimited mileage can be purchased for an additional fee.
All renters are required to pick up and return vehicle to the Greenleaf location that the customer first rented from. If the vehicle is returned to a different Greenleaf location there will be a $250.00 drop charge.
Keeping rental vehicles longer than originally scheduled is generally not a problem providing the vehicle is not already reserved for another customer. All extensions must be communicated to Greenleaf by email. We will provide a confirmation of extension by email. Customers must sign a new rental agreement if original agreement is extended past thirty days. Sorry, no exceptions.
Greenleaf does not fill all gas tanks to full. This helps us continue to keep our rates as low as possible! Fuel level will be checked and confirmed at the time of rental. Customer is required to bring the vehicle back with the same amount of fuel as when rented. Fuel discrepancies will be billed to the customer at $6.00 US per gallon.
No pets are allowed in any vehicle unless crated. It is the renter’s responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is clean and odor-free and has no signs of pet hair, etc. Service animals are always allowed in Greenleaf’s vehicles with proper documentation. A $250.00 cleanup fee will be assessed to any vehicle with any signs of pet transport. Hypoallergenic animals are also required to be crated!
Greenleaf will provide you with a 24 hour roadside assistance number. All mechanical and warranty related issues will be covered by Greenleaf. All other issues will be covered by the customer at their own expense.
Absolutely NO SMOKING in any vehicle. Greenleaf imposes a $250.00 fine for ANY detection of smoking including smoke odor, ashes, butts in ashtray, etc. No exceptions! Greenleaf will not tolerate any form of smoking in any vehicle!
Vehicles may not travel to MEXICO or CANADA for any reason.

Have Additional Questions?

Feel free to contact us today if you have any additional questions! We are in the business providing top-notch customer care, and we will help in any way we can!