‘Tis the season for the hustle and bustle as families finalize all their holiday travel plans. Are you ready to kick off the season’s festivities and gatherings, or are you scrambling to make your travel arrangements? Greenleaf Rent A Car can provide a fuel-efficient vehicle rental to get you to your destination during your holiday season, saving you money on gas. In this article, we’ll provide five car rental tips for smooth holiday travel.

Rent a car for holiday travel
1. Reserve Your Car Rental Early

Whether you want an earth-friendly hybrid vehicle or need a larger vehicle like a van rental or SUV rental, you should make your reservation early. When you secure your vehicle well before your trip, you will likely get exactly what you want. Don’t limit your options by waiting until the last minute if you can help it.

2. Choose a Vehicle with Enough Space

Ensure you anticipate how much space you will require for luggage and anything else you might need to take with you. After all, you want to make sure it’s a comfortable trip for everyone. Consider any additional passengers you could need to transport for various family activities once you reach your destination.

3. Plan around California Traffic

Everyone understands that the traffic in California is known for being difficult to navigate and can stall travelers at peak driving times. If you can be flexible with your departure and arrival times, plan to leave for your destination at an hour when traffic is at its lowest. Also, stay informed of the traffic conditions in real-time before you leave.

4. Rent from a Flexible Company

Are you concerned that your visit may extend beyond your original plans? That is typically not a problem if you rent from Greenleaf Rent A Car, as long as the vehicle isn’t reserved for another customer. You can communicate your extension through email, and we will also confirm via email.

5. Reserve Your Car from Greenleaf

The best tip for smooth holiday travel is to reserve your vehicle from Greenleaf Rent A Car! We will ensure that your experience is enjoyable, fast, and friendly as we get you on the road to kick off your holiday season. Contact us at one of our three locations by calling (760) 547-2228 in Carlsbad, (760) 294-7052 in Escondido, or (951) 699-3054 in Temecula, or request a reservation online. We serve residents in Murrieta, San Marcos, Oceanside, Encinitas, and nearby areas.

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