Many adventures begin with a good cup of coffee to satisfy the need for caffeine. Whether you are planning out stops along the way for your spring weekend getaway or want to create a trip around savoring good coffee, coffee shops and cafes are abundant throughout Southern California. Let Greenleaf Rent A Car provide you with a comfortable, fuel-efficient car rental for the journey ahead as we discover four of the best SoCal coffee shops together.

Southern California Car Rental

1. Intelligentsia Coffee: Los Angeles 

Originating in Chicago, Intelligentsia has a few locations, including the Silver Lake coffee bar on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. The vibrant atmosphere, deliciously crafted brews, and unique signature drinks make this a place you’ll want to cross off your coffee bucket list. 

2. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters: San Diego

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters is another popular Southern California coffee destination with multiple locations. This is a coffee experience that you will want to savor, with drinks that taste as good as they look. And according to online reviews, the baristas are top notch.

3. Hidden House Coffee: Orange County

If you want to enjoy your coffee with a generous helping of atmosphere, then be sure to include the aptly named Hidden House Coffee on your list of stops. Described as a rustic hidden gem, this coffee shop is tucked away in an Orange County neighborhood. Plus, the baked goods are as popular as the expertly brewed coffee.

4. Copa Vida: Pasadena

Within a spacious, bright, modern atmosphere, Copa Vida serves the tastiest coffee drinks and a full menu of food options. You may come for a meticulously crafted coffee drink, but you’ll stay for brunch.

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If you are ready to begin your SoCal coffee shop tour, all you need to do is reserve your vehicle from Greenleaf Rent A Car! In addition to our earth-friendly options, we have vehicles that accommodate up to seven people. Contact us at one of our three locations by calling (760) 547-2228 in Carlsbad, (760) 294-7052 in Escondido, or (951) 699-3054 in Temecula, or request a reservation online. We serve travelers and coffee connoisseurs in Murrieta, San Marcos, Oceanside, Encinitas, and nearby areas.

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