Whether you are riding solo in a car rental for a business trip or trekking around Carlsbad with your family in tow, you don’t have to sacrifice being earth-friendly for a comfortable and enjoyable ride. At Greenleaf Rent A Car, we have proven that it’s possible to be kind to the earth and still fully experience what Southern California has to offer. There are many good reasons to go green when you use a rental car. These are our top 3.

Greenleaf Rent a Car and Hybrid Car Rental

1. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

It’s estimated that a gallon of gasoline emits just under 19 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere. Our goal is to help prevent 100 tons of pollution from entering the atmosphere, and the way we do it is simple: by offering hybrid rental cars that can reduce those emissions. You can feel good about driving around town in one of our rentals knowing that you are doing your part to help the environment. 

2. Lower Fuel Costs

An earth-friendly car rental is also friendly on the wallet, and that’s why our wide-selection of vehicles are certified “green” by the state of California. Whether you need the maneuverability of a compact car or the space of a full-size rental, choosing a fuel-efficient model means you spend more time on the road and less at the pump. 

3. Choose from Comfortable Options

A fuel-efficient car doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Our fleet is filled with the latest models of vehicles, so you can have your pick of car rentals with those bells and whistles attached. You can explore what Southern California has to offer in real comfort.  

If you need a cheap rental car that is as earth-friendly as you are, contact Greenleaf Rent A Car online, or call (760) 547-2228 to speak with a trusted staff member. Trust us; going green will never feel so good. 

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