Imagine renting a car that is much safer for the environment than the typical car, and can save you money on gas as well with its fuel efficiency. When you rent from Greenleaf Rent A Car, that is exactly what you are getting! Since opening our doors in 2010, we have been committed to significantly impacting our environment by helping customers save over 500,000 gallons in fuel consumption. Let us address some commonly asked questions about car rental so that when your vehicle rental need arises, you already have the answers you’re looking for!

Hybrid and fuel-efficient car rentals

What Is the Minimum Age to Rent from Greenleaf?

Greenleaf Rent A Car requires that all renters be 21 years of age or older, per our insurance regulations. Also, we do not charge any underage fees. Both a valid, government-issued driver’s license and proof of full coverage and liability insurance that transfers to our vehicle are required to be able to rent from us. Unfortunately, we are unable to make any exceptions to that rule.

Can I Drive If I’m Not the Renter on the Agreement?

A husband and wife who are insured under the same full coverage insurance and liability policy that transfers to Greenleaf Rent A Car’s vehicle are automatically able to drive the vehicle. You can add as many additional drivers to your rental agreement as you like, but we do require a charge of $5.00 per day per driver due to increased exposure and liability. We must have a photocopy or digital image of the valid driver’s license as well as proof of full coverage insurance and liability policy that transfers to our vehicle for each respective driver. We don’t want to inconvenience our customers, but the State of California requires this information for all drivers of a rented vehicle.

What Kind of Mileage Is Included with my Rental?

All rentals include 150 miles per day (24 hours) in the State of California. Customers may travel to Arizona and Nevada, but this must be disclosed at the time of reservation. Excess mileage will be billed at $00.20 per mile. If you prefer, you may purchase unlimited mileage for an additional fee.

Do You Offer Shuttle Service & What are Your Pickup and Return Policies?

Greenleaf Rent A Car provides a free shuttle for pickup and delivery of any customer within a five-mile radius of any of our locations during normal business hours. All renters are required to pick up and return their rental vehicle to the location that the customer first rented from. If the vehicle is returned to a different Greenleaf Rent A Car location, there will be a $250.00 drop charge.

Rent Your Vehicle Today

Greenleaf provides high-quality customer service with a unique fleet that is focused on hybrid, electric, and low-emission vehicles. Our team is happy to help you with our more than 30 years of combined rental experience. Contact us at one of our locations by calling (760) 547-2228 in Carlsbad, (760) 294-7052 in Escondido, or (951) 699-3054 in Temecula, or request a reservation online. We offer car rentals to customers in Murrieta, San Marcos, Oceanside, Encinitas, and nearby areas.

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