Greenleaf Rent A Car is located just 15 minutes north of Encinitas, in the beautiful city of Carlsbad, California. We provide more than just an affordable car rental; we offer fantastic customer service to go along with it. If you would like a quick and hassle-free rental experience, request a reservation online.

More Than Just Car Rentals

From cheap car rentals to a variety of truck and van rental options, the diverse fleet at Greenleaf includes hybrid rental cars and other vehicles with low emissions. When you rent from us, you’ll be doing your part to help preserve the environment.

  • SUV Rentals: How to describe our SUV rentals? Luxurious, eco-friendly, and versatile are a good start. SUVs provide more room for passengers and are an overall more comfortable way to travel than cheap car rentals.
  • Van Rentals: Carpooling just became obsolete. Why split up the group and drive several cars when you can all ride together in a van? Rent a minivan and experience the fun of group travel.
  • Truck Rentals: Sometimes you simply need a truck for a day or two for moving, hauling, and the general convenience they provide. Contact us for a pickup truck rental and start shortening your list of things to do.

Why Hybrid Rental Cars?

On average, the hybrid rental cars at Greenleaf get about 20 percent better gas mileage than our non-hybrid models. That adds up to more savings when filling up at a local gas station in Encinitas. Regardless of the reason you need a rental car, hybrids are a great choice. In addition to cost savings, by renting a hybrid, you’ll be driving a vehicle with low emissions and making less of a negative impact on the environment. Some hybrids are even more roomy than a traditional cheap car rental.

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Visiting Local Attractions

Whether visiting from out of state or in need of a vehicle while yours is in the repair shop, we offer the perfect car rental option for any occasion. Below you will find attractions in Encinitas that will allow you to make the most of your visit here.

Moonlight Beach – Load up the kids in your SUV rental and enjoy this beautiful and peaceful beach that offers visitors a variety of family-friendly activities including surfing, fishing, and sun bathing. The beach also features volleyball courts, a tennis court, a children’s play area, and a snack shack. If you’re looking for an after-dark activity, have a campfire on the beach at one of the various fire rings.

San Diego Botanic Garden – Rent a minivan and bring the whole family to visit the San Diego Botanic Garden. This hot spot includes four miles of garden trails, numerous exhibits, and even an interactive children’s garden. Come see the diverse topography that this botanic garden has to offer and leave feeling inspired.

Balboa Park – Just 30 minutes south of Encinitas, Balboa Park is located in San Diego. The park is over 1,000 acres and offers gardens and walking paths and is home to the world-famous San Diego Zoo. There are also theaters, museums, and play areas for the kids to enjoy. Balboa Park has something for every age group. This is definitely a destination you’ll want to hit with your car rental.

While we can’t plan a trip for you, we can give you keys to a clean and smoke-free rental car to get you where you want to go. For more details on our car, truck, van or SUV rentals in Encinitas, contact us today to get in touch with a representative. We also serve the surrounding areas including Oceanside, San Marcos, and Murrieta.