You’re ready to kick back, relax, and enjoy a slower pace of life. You’re ready for a vacation in California. But before you pack your bags and head to Carlsbad, CA, our crew at Greenleaf Rent A Car recommends that you do a little prep and consider these three planning tips.

Vacation Planning Tips

1. Make your big decisions early on.

Many people don’t want to have a minute-by-minute plan while on vacation. Too much of your daily life is planned, so you like things a bit more spontaneous. While you can leave some things up to chance, be sure to determine those big vacations decisions—where to go, where to stay, and so on—as early as possible. You don’t want to miss out on that perfect hotel just because you waited too long to reserve it.

2. Set a vacation budget.

You may not want to think about money on vacation, but you’ll definitely be thinking about it when you come home if you end up spending too much. Your best bet for not going broke on your getaway is to set a budget and even allocate how you will spend it (lodging, car rental, attractions, food, and so on). That way, you can know where your money is going and even come back with some in your pockets.

3. Go local.

If you want to experience the real California, choose local options over national chains. You can find a local alternative in almost any category, including restaurants, stores, car rental companies, and more.

To go local and rent a car near Carlsbad, Escondido, Temecula, and the surrounding areas, check out our fleet at Greenleaf Rent A Car. From minivans to hybrid cars, we have reliable cars that are not only affordable but also limit your impact on the beautiful California coast. To find out more about us or to make a reservation, contact us today at (760) 547-2228, or book online at your convenience. We hope to see you soon in sunny California!


photo credit: public domain via pixabay

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