When you are in Carlsbad and planning to explore what Southern California has to offer, we know the landscape is a sight to behold. There’s a lot to do in the area, but for the outdoor enthusiast, a weekend road trip to some nearby SoCal destinations may be just what the doctor ordered. With a rental car from Greenleaf Rent A Car, you can explore the vistas in comfort while knowing you are being kind to the environment.  

Vacation and Green Leaf Rental Car

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park, with its 792,510 acres of desert wild, offers a little bit of something to anyone who enjoys the outdoors. Whether you like camping under a sky unhindered by lights or you want to hike the trails, it may be the perfect destination for you. Rock climbers flock to the quartz monzonite rock faces while others take in the scent of wildflowers and the beauty of the famous Joshua trees. When you rent a car from us for your National Park visit, you can rest assured that every car in our fleet is green certified, which means fewer emissions impacting the environment. Our hybrid rental cars are also fuel efficient so you don’t have to worry about your pocketbook while you are taking in the views, 

Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park

Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park is the perfect destination for anyone who enjoys hiking. There are 23 trails in the park, and each one provides a view of the beauty which includes grassland hills and slopes, woodland canyons, and some amazing rock formations. Keep your eyes peeled for the wildlife that live on the banks of the three streams in the park, and make sure to stop at Vista Lookout on your visit. It will give you a spectacular view of Red Rock Canyon and Orange County.

Oceanside Beach

You can’t explore the outdoors in SoCal without stopping at a beach to take in the majestic Pacific waves and the warm sunshine. Oceanside Beach is easy to access, with parking available in metered lots, and even free along residential streets. Compared to other beaches in SoCal, Oceanside has a relatively small crowd, but there is plenty to do when you arrive. Feel free to surf, kayak, fish, jog, or even take your bicycle for a ride along the boardwalk. When you need to grab a bite to eat, stop at one of the easily accessible restaurants near the beach.  

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, Greenleaf Rent A Car has the rental car you need for your next road trip to these amazing outdoor destinations. Not only do we offer car rentals at three convenient locations north of San Diego, we also offer gas-friendly and affordable options for truck rentals, SUV rentals, and more. Contact us to make a reservation online, or call (760) 547-2228 to ask about our current specials. 

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