Small vehicles are great for many things. Moving, however, is not one of them. Simplify moving day with an affordable, fuel-efficient pickup truck rental from Greenleaf Rent A Car.

Pickup Truck Rental

Better Than a Moving Truck

Moving companies want you to think you need an expensive box truck for moving day. While large families may need the big truck, a pickup truck rental from Greenleaf will more than suffice for everyone else. In fact, for those moving into an apartment or dormitory, a pickup truck rental is actually the better option! Our rental trucks are fuel-efficient, affordable, and easier to drive than a moving truck.

Haul Appliances and Furniture

Pickup truck rentals are also beneficial for moving furniture and appliances. Don’t pay for expensive delivery fees from the store; instead, save money and move your new furniture and appliances at a time that is convenient for you. Or, if you’re a bargain hunter, a truck rental gives you the flexibility to snatch a great deal on secondhand items from private sellers. Either way, a truck rental provides the space and flexibility you need to save money and transport your belongings with ease.

Decluttering Before the Move

To simplify packing and moving, declutter your home before the move. A truck rental makes trips to donation and recycling centers fast and simple. Additionally, many local charities would be delighted to receive secondhand appliances and gently used furniture, but do not have the means to transport them. A pickup truck rental provides an opportunity for you to conveniently bless your charities of choice.

Request a Reservation

To reserve a pickup truck rental for moving day, call Greenleaf at (760) 547-2228 or request a reservation online. All of our truck rentals are competitively priced and certified green by the state of California. This means you save on rental fees and at the pump!  For fast and friendly service, visit one of our convenient locations in Carlsbad, Escondido, or Temecula.

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