Smart travelers understand the value of saving money. Every penny saved on travel expenses is a penny you can spend at your destination. At Greenleaf Rent A Car, we are passionate about providing exceptional customer service and affordable, eco-friendly car rentals. Contact our office to learn more about our affordable rental options for your next road trip.

Save Money with a Fuel Efficient Car Rental

Drive, Don’t Fly

In general, driving is far less expensive than flying. If you travel smart by minimizing stops, shopping for the best fuel prices, and eating affordably, driving can save you a lot of money. One thing to consider, however, is that driving adds time to your trip. If you are of the mindset that time is money, driving may not be the best option for you.

Rent a Car

Many people make the mistake of thinking that driving their own vehicle is the cheapest travel option. In reality, though, renting an affordable, fuel efficient vehicle is often the least expensive way to travel. There are three reasons why renting a car can be cheaper than driving your own:

  1. High Mileage Diminishes the Resale Value of Your Car – Are you planning a long trip up the coast, or heading east into the desert? California is a big state; covering all of that ground is going to put a lot of miles on your car. Rather than allowing your travel plans to diminish the resale value of your car, put the miles and depreciating value on a rental car instead. 
  2. Long Trips Result in More Maintenance and Repairs – Likewise, increased mileage also means increased wear and tear on your vehicle. Rather than worrying about the condition of your tires, fluid levels, etc., focus on the journey in a rental car. At Greenleaf, we are meticulous about maintaining our vehicles. Driving one of our rental cars allows you to travel safely, and spares your car from a trip to the shop.
  3. A Rental May Be More Fuel Efficient – At Greenleaf, we offer a full fleet of fuel efficient rental options. Whether you want a cheap compact car rental, an ultra efficient hybrid car rental, or a spacious van rental, we offer some of the most fuel efficient models on the market.

Request a Reservation

Request a reservation on an affordable, fuel efficient car rental from Greenleaf today. We offer three convenient locations in Carlsbad, Escondido, and Temecula. Call (760) 547-2228 for more information.

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