Escondido CAYou’re making plans to visit Escondido, and you know you need to book a rental car for your trip. However, because you’re an environmentalist at heart, you find it difficult to rent just any gas-guzzling SUV or mid-size sedan. Well, don’t you worry. Greenleaf Rent A Car has you covered.

Hybrid Car Rental

Unlike many other rental companies in Escondido (and really…throughout the United States), we offer our customers the opportunity to rent a hybrid car. Here’s why: We want to do our part to help the world we live in. When we opened our doors in 2010, we made a commitment to limiting our environmental impact by reducing fuel consumption and therefore pollution. How did we do it? We made a decision to offer our customers more environmentally friendly cars—like our hybrids—that are low-emission vehicles and reduce the amount of pollution they produce.

The Greenleaf Difference

But we didn’t stop there. Yes, our hybrid cars are low-emission vehicles with great fuel efficiency (a total money saver for you). However, we put our company on the map by becoming the first car-rental company in the United States to offer only hybrid and low-emission vehicles. They aren’t just a “special addition” to our rental fleet; they’re all we do! So whether you choose a hybrid, a full-size car, a van, or an SUV, you can feel better about your Escondido adventure knowing that you’ve selected a rental that will help keep our earth greener a little longer. Plus who doesn’t love spending less money on gas?

Drive Green Today

Want to find out more about our mission at Greenleaf Rent A Car? Ready to go green in one of our hybrid cars? Then don’t delay; pick up the phone, and contact our Escondido location at (760) 294-7052 during regular business hours. You can also make a reservation online anytime.


photo credit: By Adbar – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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