As you map out the details for your next big road trip, take some time to consider your mode of transportation. Most people drive their personal vehicle because they assume renting a car will cost more money. In reality, though, driving a fuel-efficient car rental from Greenleaf Rent A Car may actually save you money! 

Rent a Fuel-Efficient Car for Your Road Trip

Crunching the Numbers

Several factors will determine whether driving your personal vehicle or renting is the best financial decision. These include:


Do you have a comprehensive car insurance plan? If so, your insurance may extend to a rental car. If not, you will have to purchase rental car insurance to pay for any damages incurred while on the trip. Talk with your insurance provider to learn about your coverage and the cost of car rental insurance. Depending on your deductible, you may find that paying for rental insurance will save you money in the case of an accident.


Every mile you drive places strain on a vehicle’s engine, tires, brakes, etc. While driving your car may seem like the more affordable option, your trip will also accelerate the need for an auto repair and maintenance visit. Furthermore, if you calculate the wear-and-tear costs on your vehicle by mile, you may find that renting a car is well worth the up-front expense.

Lease Penalties

Many lease agreements cap the number of miles a vehicle can be driven in any given year. If a road trip causes you to exceed that threshold, you will incur a penalty for every mile driven above the contracted amount. Once again, do the math to determine if paying the penalty will cost more than renting a vehicle.

Request a Reservation

Selecting the right rental car is crucial to saving money on your road trip. Greenleaf provides affordable rates on the most fuel-efficient car rentals, van rentals, truck rentals, and SUV rentals on the market. The fuel savings alone could save you a bundle! To reserve a vehicle for your next road trip, contact our Carlsbad location today at (760) 547-2228. We also have locations in Temecula and Escondido!

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