Are you planning a trip to Escondido, California? Or maybe you’re new to the region and want to do some exploring. Whatever brings you to Escondido, we at Greenleaf Rent A Car recommend that you get a car rental from us and check out nearby Palomar Mountain State Park.

From the beautiful pine, fir, and cedar-tree forests to Palomar Mountain itself, you’re bound to enjoy your time out of the city. You can experience the majestic landscape and California countryside as you cruise to Palomar Mountain in your car rental.

If you’re planning a day trip from Escondido to Palomar Mountain, be sure to check out the following activities within the park:

  • Picnicking
  • Hiking (you can access the nature trail guide here)
  • Trout fishing in Doane Pond
  • Wildlife-viewing

Maybe a day isn’t enough! If you’d like to stay overnight or multiple days, Palomar Mountain State Park also has camping. You can easily pack a tent and your essentials into your rental car. The campground facility doesn’t have a ton of sites, so you’ll want to reserve a spot in advance. However, it does have parking, restrooms, showers, and easy access to the nature trail. Check out the Palomar Mountain camping brochure for more details.

If you’re visiting Escondido, CA and need transportation to Palomar Mountain State Park, book a car rental from Greenleaf Rent A Car in Escondido, CA. Greenleaf Rent A Car wants to do more than get you out into nature. We want to keep nature looking beautiful as long as possible. That’s why all our car rentals are either hybrid or low-emission vehicles. (To hear more, check out the Our Story page on our website.)

To book a car rental, call Greenleaf Rent A Car of Escondido at 760-294-7052. You can also check out our rental cars or make a reservation online. Let us help you enjoy your time in Escondido!
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