You don’t have to be a travel expert to make your trip to Escondido, CA, a smooth one. You’ve already come to the right place—Greenleaf Rent A Car—for your car rental. You’ve made a big step in the right direction, but you can do a few things to save yourself a lot of hassle. We’ve put together these few extra tips to help take your rental experience the extra mile.

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1. Book your car early.

You’ve heard the saying, “The early bird gets the worm.” Well, it couldn’t be truer than when it comes to your rental car. We want to be able to give you the car, van, or SUV you want, but if you wait too long, our availability may be limited—especially during heavy travel seasons. The sooner you make your reservation, the better.

2. Ask about rental specials.

At Greenleaf, we offer regular rental deals in addition to our already competitive rates. You can check them out online before you rent a car, or you can ask one of our staff members whether you qualify for any special discounts or rates.

3. Read through the policies.

We make it easy for you to have access to our rental policies. Before you sign your car-rental agreement, we recommend that you read through the policies thoroughly so you will have a good grasp on your responsibilities as a renter, and you can ask questions in advance.

4. Don’t skimp on space.

Many people try to rent a cheap rental car when what they really need is a minivan rental or SUV rental. Why? They think that a smaller car means lower price. While you may save a few bucks a day, traveling in a cramped car isn’t worth it. Choose a rental that will give you and your passengers ample space for you and your luggage.

If you can follow these few tips, you’re bound to minimize your stress on your next trip to California. For more info or to make a reservation, contact Greenleaf at 760-294-7052.


photo credit: A wonderful drive on Pacific Coast Highway via photopin (license)

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