For a different type of outdoor adventure, rent a sporty SUV from Greenleaf Rent a Car and head over to San Dieguito River Park. This park is in close proximity to our Escondido location, making it a great starting point for your adventure. Whether you plan to hike or bike, the River Park offers a great variety of trails.

San Dieguito River Park

About the Park

The San Dieguito River Park extends from the ocean at Del Mar to Volcan Mountain. The planning area follows the course of the San Dieguito River and roughly corresponds to the viewshed of the San Dieguito River Valley and its tributary streams. 

The Trails

The main trail inside the park is the Coast to Crest Trail. When completed, the trail will be 71 miles in length, spanning from Del Mar to the San Dieguito River’s source on Volcan Mountain. Currently, 48 miles of the Coast to Crest Trail have been completed. In addition, there are over 20 miles of auxiliary trails within the park. 

Interpretive Walks

Half the fun of hiking in the River Park is learning about the area. Rangers are available to lead hikes throughout the year, but it’s also easy to enjoy a self-guided interpretive walk. Three self-guided walks are available:

  1. San Dieguito Lagoon Interpretive Walk – This walk is 1.5 miles long and includes 20 stops that explain the history of the Lagoon and its restoration, as well as information about wildlife and coastal habitats. 
  2. Ruth Merrill Children’s Interpretive Walk – The children’s walk follows the first mile of the Highland Valley Trail and explains the importance of the San Dieguito River to plants, animals, and the people that live there. The walk is 1.5 miles round trip, with a 2 mile option for those who are interested in learning more. There are 15 discovery points on the 2 mile trail, and 13 points on the 1.5 mile trail.
  3. Piedras Pintadas Interpretive Trail – This walk is 3.65 miles round trip, and informs hikers about how the Kumeyaay people used and managed the resources of the area.

Request a Car in Escondido

At Greenleaf, we offer fuel-efficient, sensible rental cars for groups of all sizes. An SUV rental is a great choice for a trip to the River Park, but we also offer car rentals, van rentals, and truck rentals. No matter the occasion, we have the right car for you. Request a reservation online or contact one of our three convenient locations at (760) 547-2228 to learn more.

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