Car Rental TipsYou sit down in front of your computer to book a car rental for your Temecula, CA, vacation. You think, “This will take only a minute.” But as you begin to browse rental companies and see all the options, your head starts to swim. Just how are you supposed to choose the right one? Don’t panic. All you need are these few tips from Temecula’s own Greenleaf Rent A Car to guide you to just the right vehicle.

1. Prioritize your needs.

What’s your main objective in finding a rental car? Do you want the cheapest available, no matter what? Or are other features—like iPod connector, passenger space, storage, onboard navigation, fuel efficiency—more important? Before you start your search, know your priorities.

2. Count your crew.

The number of passengers you plan on transporting is a big consideration. You want to be sure to have enough space for everyone to travel comfortably—especially if you’re traveling farther outside Temecula. So even though a sedan has seating for up to five passengers, you may want to choose a minivan instead so you can have some extra space, especially for long trips.

3. Know before you tow.

If you have a lot of luggage or plan to pick up a ton of souvenirs, account for the storage space you will need. It’s amazing how a few suitcases can monopolize the rental quickly.

4. Set your budget.

Have a figure in mind for how much you can or want to pay to rent a car. However, don’t sacrifice good service or a reliable van just to save a few bucks.

5. Read the reviews.

If you can get some firsthand feedback on the rental company, do it. You want to rent a vehicle from a company that’s reliable, professional, and customer-oriented. Check out customer reviews, or ask friends who have used that company in the past.

Know what you want before booking a car, van, or SUV rental. Doing so can save you time, stress, and even money. As you do your research, be sure to include Greenleaf Rent A Car on your list of companies to consider. To find out more or to make a reservation, contact our office in Temecula, CA, at 951-699-3054.

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