In a world full of uncertainty and fear, you may find yourself longing for brighter days. That is why NOW is the perfect time to plan a trip to Disneyland. Brighter days are coming, and when they get here, nothing will revive your spirits like a trip to the happiest place on earth. Plus, with a great deal on a car rental from Greenleaf Rent A Car, traveling in and out of the park will be safe, comfortable, and convenient.

Plan Ahead for Your Disneyland Vacation

Great Deals

Traveling to Disney certainly is an investment. If Disney has felt a little out of reach for your family, or you simply like a good deal, keep your eyes peeled! Disney has already released vacation packages for 2021 and has been releasing discounts on hotel stays. If you are new to Disney vacations, we recommend finding a good Disney travel agent; they will be able to retroactively apply new discounts to your account, helping you save money as Disney releases new deals!

Travel Plans Are Flexible

In light of world events, Disneyland and its affiliated hotels have made it easier than ever to change your travel plans. Similarly, if you are flying in for your trip, many airlines are waiving change fees. Simply put, if you book now, you can save big on flights and hotels, and you will not lose out if your plans change in the future.

Planning Is Fun

2020 has been difficult for many reasons. If you find yourself particularly glum this summer, planning your next Disney vacation will give you something to look forward to. Also, if you are traveling with family or friends, planning your trip will provide an exciting bonding experience for everyone involved. Take the time now to plan out every detail of your trip; it will give you a fun project now, and you’ll experience the trip of a lifetime in the future.

Reserve a Car

Don’t forget to a reserve an affordable, eco-friendly car rental for your trip to Disney. Greenleaf offers a variety of rental options, including van rentals for big family trips. We will start your vacation off right by making your rental experience as fast, enjoyable, and friendly as possible. Request a vehicle online today or contact our Carlsbad location at (760) 547-2228 for more information.

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