Environmentalism has become a global initiative over which much of the world shares the concern. Sometimes, the problem seems so big that people wonder what difference they can make as individuals. At Greenleaf Rent A Car, we want you to know that each person can make an impact. Fortunately, October 6, 2021, is Energy Efficiency Day, which provides a great opportunity. This article gives six ideas of things you can do to support energy efficiency, even while on vacation. 

Energy Efficiency Day

1. Don’t Leave an Empty Fridge

Most people try to use up all their food before going on vacation. However, full refrigerators operate more efficiently. Don’t worry. You don’t have to waste money on groceries to save on energy. Instead, fill the fridge with jugs of water or something that takes up space, but won’t perish while you’re gone.  

2. Reduce Radiant Heat

If you travel during warm weather, be sure to close the blinds and draw the shades. The radiant heat from the sun can increase the house’s internal temperature and cause the air conditioner to run unnecessarily. Limiting the amount of sunlight that comes into your home, especially over a period of days, reduces energy consumption.

3. Lose the Lights or Use LEDs 

Before you leave for vacation, change the light bulbs over to LEDs, which operate much more efficiently. Still, when you travel, there’s no point to even run those. However, you can put lights on a time to cycle through and make it appear as though you’re home.

4. Heat and Cool Efficiently

Heating and cooling costs account for a large percentage of a home’s energy consumption. Therefore, it makes sense to take measures to become more energy efficient. Smart thermostats go a long way toward that effort. You might want to create a vacation mode that switches on during your absence. If the weather is warm while you’re away, don’t cool the home down as much as you would if you were there. If the weather is cold, don’t heat it as much. These efforts will save both money and energy. And, you can schedule it to return to a normal temperature as you arrive home. 

5. Turn Off Electronics 

You might be surprised how much phantom energy electronics and appliances use without power. To fix this, try to plug electronics and appliances into a power strip or two, then turn off the power to the power strip. Washers and dryers make good candidates for this, but even televisions and DVD players combine to make a difference.

6. Use an Energy-Efficient Vehicle

Be sure to remember to celebrate Energy Efficiency Day while you travel, too. One of the best ways to do this is to rent from Greenleaf because we have fuel-efficient inventory, hybrid models, and we celebrate being green each and every day. How cool is it that you can save on fuel and reduce pollution while renting a car in sunny California on your vacation?

Reserve Your Car

See what sunny, southern California has to offer when you visit Oceanside, Carlsbad, or the surrounding area. Celebrate Energy Efficiency Day this October 6th, but support the cause every day when you rent a car, SUV, or truck from Greenleaf. Start your reservation online or call us at (760) 547-2228.

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